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Aquarium Tank

The aquarium tank is the basis to bring the foreign ecosystem of fresh or saltwater fish into the relatively dry atmosphere of your home or work. The key here is to balance the several key factors of ecosystem. To replicate all of the necessary levels of nitrogen, salt, temperature, and oxygen you need myriad of coordinated systems that are tuned for the animals that you house as well as the plant classifications that you’re looking for.  When considering building your own ecosystem it is important to keep this balance in mind, but there are a few rules of thumb you can follow during the planning phase.

When you consider creating an ecosystem within an aquarium tank, it is important to consider the balancing of these various factors. Another thing to consider is that the larger the ecosystem the more resilient it is to shock from the death of a plant or animal. The system is more entrenched in its pattern if it is planned properly and then allowed to follow its course. There are a few rules of thumb for a fish to water ratio, but they will be discussed more fully in the fish tank section.

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