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Tank Supplies

There are a few basic components to any fish tank or aquarium. The basis of any aquarium is the water and the tank. Depending on the application, you’ll use fresh, salt or brackish water. The first two are self-explanatory, but the last is the type of water that is most commonly found in an estuary and is a mix of salt and fresh water. The next most important feature is the oxidation mechanism. Usually a filtration system can incorporate this, but it is not always so. The filtration typically has an intake, a mechanical filtration, a chemical filtration, a biological filtration medium, and then an outflow back into the tank. A pump or suction device of some sort is required to promote movement of the water flow through the whole setup.

The majority of tank supplies are meant to customize the tank itself. Creating a living ecosystem is the goal of any aquaria enthusiast. Most of the systems are meant to incorporate the necessary nutrients, nitrogen, oxygen, and the proper removal of contaminants from the water. The removal is done with the filtration system, but it is important to pay attention to the nitrogen cycle. Most often a larger tank with a smaller amount of fish is more stable since the death of one fish is less drastic to a larger body of water.


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